PAC Tuition and Fees



Tuition: See below for tuition information for individual lessons and for classes and workshops. 

Payment: Students may not attend lessons, classes, workshops, or productions until a policies and waivers agreement has been confirmed with the office with payment in full or arrangements have been made for a payment plan. Flexible payment plans are available for all private lessons and some other programming. Payment is due before the first session with the exception of a free consultation; promotions generally occur biannually in September and January. Need-based scholarships are available. Contact the office to inquire.

Payment Plans: Payment plans are available for private lessons and for some other programming as specified. Payment plans for private instruction tuition will be divided into four equal payments. Registration fees are included in the tuition costs. For the fall semester, the payment schedule is as follows: upon registering, October 15, November 15, and December 15. For the spring semester, the payment schedule is as follows: upon registering, March 15, April 15, and May 15. Payment plans are binding for the entire semester; should you/ your child stop lessons before the semester ends, you are still responsible for making the remaining payments.

Late Fees: Customers are responsible for their timely payments. A $20 late fee will be strictly administered for all payments made (or dated) after the due date.

Registration Fee: PAC MetroWest no longer collects a separate registration fee. An annual registration fee of $30 per student is included in the tuition costs for lessons, classes, workshops, and productions. 

Accompaniment Fee: An accompaniment fee of $30 per semester / performance may be required. Each voice student receives a rehearsal with a piano accompanist in preparation for the student recital. The pianist also accompanies the voice student during the recital itself. This is sometimes required for other instruments as well. 

Refunds: There are no refunds for lessons, classes, workshops, productions, or registration fees, unless the program is canceled by PAC. Tuition credits will be given for long-term illness or injury when a student presents a physician’s note. Any PAC classes or lesson credits must be used within one year of the date issued. PAC reserves the right to consolidate classes or substitute instructors when necessary and appropriate.

Ongoing Registration (for students joining mid-semester): Registration is available throughout the year for lessons, although lessons are generally scheduled in two 17-week semesters: August/September-January and January/February-June. PAC is willing to accommodate new students joining at any point in the semester. Tuition will be prorated for all students joining after the first date of class.

Consultations: For instrument, voice, or acting lessons, PAC recommends an initial consultation for prospective students with an instructor before committing to a 17-week semester. The 30 minute consultation, which is similar to a lesson, serves as an important way for students, parents, and teachers to get to know one another and offers a way to discuss goals for lessons. To schedule an appointment for a consultation, email us at or call the PAC office at (508) 875-5554. Promotions for a free lesson generally occur biannually in September and January. 

Please see our policies and waivers page for more details on our policies regarding classes, lessons, and workshops.

2023-2024 Tuition for Individual Lessons

30 minute initial consultation $46
30 minute lessons for 17-week semester $780
45 minute lessons for 17-week semester $1,105
60 minute lessons for 17-week semester $1,305

2023-2024 Ad Hoc Classes

Available in varied session packages beginning with 4 lessons; must schedule lessons with instructor

  Price Per Lesson
30 Minute Lesson $46
45 Minute Lesson $65
60 Minute Lesson $77

2023-2024 Tuition for Classes and Workshops

8/10-week Classes $184/$230
Vocal Workshop 10-Week Session $690 (1.5-2 hours) / session
Adult Flute Ensemble 12/14-Week Session $408/$476 session
Summer Workshops

Choral Intensive OR Stage 1, A Camp for Young Actors = $200;

Audition Bootcamp = $500