Why Theater?

Participating in a theater production or class is a wonderful, educational learning experience, a great way to make friends, and is a ton of fun! Theater builds confidence, self-esteem, collaboration, cooperation, reflective thinking and self-expression. Students in theater improve social skills, empathy, listening, learning to communicate better, public speaking skills, and learning that it is ok to make mistakes.

PAC offers both dramatic and musical theater classes and productions. Using a grade/age group structure for its theatrical productions, children are cast in and rehearse a theatrical production. Students learn all of the various aspects of being cast in a show including:

  • acting techniques
  • character development
  • scene study
  • blocking
  • choreography & dance
  • singing
  • costumes and props
  • lighting and sound

Each theater season at PAC is thoughtfully chosen to produce shows that are engaging, enriching, and educational. All classes and workshops end with a production.