PAC Metrowest Recital 2016

Individual Music Lessons

PAC offers individual lessons for students of all ages. Our faculty are highly trained in their respective fields and pride themselves on educating the whole person – helping students of all ages learn the skills, enjoyment, and magic of the performing arts. PAC offers two 17-week semesters of lessons during the school year and individually scheduled lessons during the summer.

For instrument or voice lessons, PAC recommends scheduling a 30-minute initial consultation for prospective students with an instructor before committing to a 17-week semester. The 30-minute consultation, which is similar to a lesson, serves as an important way for students, parents and teachers to get to know one another, and offers a way to discuss goals for lessons.

Contact the PAC office via email at pac@pacmetrowest.org or call at (508) 875-5554 to schedule an initial consultation.

Registration Page

Ongoing registration is available throughout the year. The calendars below show all current schedules.

Fall 2021 Private Lesson Schedule      Spring 2022 Private Lesson Schedule

PAC offers individual lessons in the following instruments/disciplines:

Piano & Organ  Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Viola & Violin Recommended ages 3 and up.

Ukulele Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Drums & Percussion Recommended ages 6 and up. A child’s hand and eye coordination are important factors to determine when lessons should begin.

Guitar (Acoustic, Bass, & Electric) Recommended for ages 7 and up.

Trumpet Recommended ages 8 and up.

Voice Recommended age 12 and up. Children are not yet developmentally ready for voice lessons until approximately age 12. Starting voice lessons too early can hurt the vocal cords. It is also important that lessons are taught by a voice specialist.