There are numerous social, emotional and educational benefits of learning to play an instrument or sing. Besides making you smarter, music is enjoyable and can make you happy! Studying music teaches children and adults alike to be creative, expressive, and discover feelings, emotions and mood. Learning an instrument builds self-confidence, improves memory, relieves stress and teaches problem solving and listening skills.

It takes concentration, patience, discipline and perseverance to play an instrument. However, the results can be life-changing. Playing music helps students meet and work with new people and learn about the amazing cultures around the world. It introduces the various styles of music such as classical, jazz, Latin, folk, rock ‘n roll, to name a few. Playing an instrument helps with math and schoolwork and improves motor skills and coordination. A sense of achievement, accomplishment and self-discovery are all realized when performing – for either your teacher or in front of group.

PAC offers private and group music lessons for children, teens and adults. Lessons are available for all levels – from beginning to advanced. Lessons are taught during two 17-week semesters during the school year, and individually scheduled lessons over the summer. PAC faculty are highly trained in their respective fields and pride themselves on educating the whole person – helping students of all ages learn the skills, enjoyment and magic of the performing arts.

Performing is an important part of the learning to play an instrument or sing. PAC strongly encourages participation in recitals at the end of each semester and offers other performance opportunities for students.