PLEASE NOTE: Students may not attend lessons, classes, workshops, or productions until a policies and waivers agreement has been confirmed with the office with payment in full or arrangements have been made for a payment plan.




Beginning Private Lessons: New students are encouraged to meet the teacher for a 30-minute consultation before committing to the semester.

Payment: Payment is expected at the time of registration and must be received by the PAC office on or before the first day of lessons, classes, workshops, or productions. Limited need-based scholarships are available. Contact the office to inquire.

Payment Plans: Payment plans are available for private lessons and for some other programming as specified. Payment plans for private instruction tuition will be divided into four equal payments. Registration fees are included in the tuition costs. For the fall semester, the payment schedule is as follows: upon registering, October 15, November 15, and December 15. For the spring semester, the payment schedule is as follows: upon registering, March 15, April 15, and May 15. Payment plans are binding for the entire semester; should you/ your child stop lessons before the semester ends, you are still responsible for making the remaining payments.

Late Fees: Customers are responsible for their timely payments. A $20 late fee will be strictly administered for all payments made (or dated) after the due date.

Registration Fee: PAC MetroWest no longer collects a separate registration fee. An annual registration fee of $30 per student is included in the tuition costs for lessons, classes, workshops, and productions.

Accompaniment Fee: An accompaniment fee of $30 per semester may be required. Each voice student receives a rehearsal with a piano accompanist in preparation for the student recital. The pianist also accompanies the voice student during the recital itself. This is sometimes required for other instruments as well.

Refunds: There are no refunds for lessons, classes, workshops, productions, or registration fees, unless the program is canceled by PAC. Tuition credits will be given for long-term illness or injury when a student presents a physician’s note. Any PAC classes or lesson credits must be used within one year of the date issued. PAC reserves the right to consolidate classes or substitute instructors when necessary and appropriate.

Missed or Cancelled Lessons: Students are allowed one excused absence per semester if the teacher is notified 24 hours in advance. Please call the teacher directly. This lesson will be rescheduled during a mutually agreed upon date and time. Failure to give the minimum 24 hour notice or no notice will result in forfeiture of the lesson. A teacher’s absence from a private lesson or class will be made up during the designated make-up period or another mutually agreed upon date and time.

Class Cancellations: PAC reserves the right to change, combine, or cancel courses and times according to enrollment. In the event of inclement weather, please check the PAC website or voicemail for updated information.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up: Students are expected to be prepared for classes or lessons at the scheduled time. Parents are responsible for escorting students to and from classes and lessons, required to stay with the student until the class/lesson begins, and pick up the student immediately after the class/lesson ends. PAC faculty and staff are not responsible for children left unattended before or after lessons or classes.

Student Code of Conduct: Students are expected to arrive for lessons and/or class on time and prepared to participate. Students who behave in a manner that is disruptive or distracting to the class will be asked to sit out. Students exhibiting dangerous or destructive behavior will be removed from class, and a parent will be notified.


Injury and Limitations of Liability: PAC and its faculty are not liable for personal injuries or loss of or damage to personal property while participating in lessons, classes, workshops, productions, or any PAC related event. Since some classes involve physical activity, injuries may occur. Each student may decline to participate in any activity that may be harmful and is responsible for informing the instructor of any physical limitations which prevent full participation in class.

Release of Image: It is understood that participants in PAC programs give their full permission to have their likeness (or that of their child) in photographs or video taken during activities and used solely for publicity purposes by PAC. Participants consent to the use of their name, image or voice, or those of their children in any publicity contracted or used by PAC unless otherwise specified.

Statement of Health: In agreeing to the policies and waivers, customers certify that they/their children are healthy and may participate in all activities related to lessons, classes, workshops, and/or productions.