Where is PAC?
PAC is located at 3 Maple Street at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Framingham, on the lower level. The office can be accessed through the door on the left side of the building. Parking is available in the church lot.

How do I schedule a private lesson for my child?
Private lessons are arranged with the PAC office. When you call, we will ask about the student’s age, level of experience, and schedule in order to match the student with an appropriate instructor. Every effort will be made to accommodate both new and continuing students. We usually recommend starting with a free 30-minute consultation with the teacher.

How old should my child be to sign up?
Instruction in instruments such as piano and violin generally begins in first or second grade. Some students may be ready to start earlier than first grade – this can be determined through a consultation with the teacher. Older students – including adults – are always welcomed. Private vocal instruction generally begins at age 12. Classes in dance and drama may begin in pre-school. Check our website for more information.

Are there opportunities for students to advance in their specific discipline?
PAC offers small group ensembles, collaborations and performance opportunities. Programs are tailored to individual student’s needs.

How can I volunteer to help PAC’s mission?
PAC is always looking for volunteers to help with box office, technical theater positions, special events, office work and fundraising. Call us to learn more about these opportunities for community service.

What about PAC school policies?
Policies regarding payment, missed classes, refunds and our student code of conduct are detailed on the Private Lessons page, as well as posted outside our studios. These represent fair and equitable treatment for all citizens regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, age, disability and economic means.

Does PAC offer financial aid or scholarships?
PAC occasionally offers some financial assistance based on need. Work-study positions may also be available. Call PAC’s office for more information on both of these programs.