Music Theory Class for Adults

Ages: Adults and Teens (16+)
Day and Time: Tuesdays 6:00 pm- 6:45 pm
Winter Session: Begins January 7, 2014
Instructor:  Bobby Spellman
Tuition: $160 (10 weeks)
Registration Fee May Apply

The music theory class is a ten-week course dedicated to the many elements that make our favorite music sound the way that it sounds.  Beginning with basic chords and scales, the class will cover melody, harmony, rhythm, form, and texture, and the way in which these elements define, design, and distinguish various styles of music in the Western world and across the globe.  Subjects addressed may include the techniques used to create Bach’s chorales, the rhythmic syncopation and form of the music of Duke Ellington, or the way the Beatles constructed vocal melodies and harmonies.