Lynne Johnson Grynkewicz

MA, Beacon College

Lynne has a varied background in dance, visual arts, and education with degrees in Philosophy, theater, and Arts Management. She developed PAC from 1986-1993 and founded Moving West with support of the Framingham Arts Council in 1988. Lynne has been teaching, making art, and performing since the 70’s. Her busy day job is teaching visual arts at Wellesley Middle School to eager and talented young learners where she has earned a Masters in art education and pedagogy, plus an additional 60 hours of graduate work.

On her own time, Lynne continues annual creative projects with Moving West, dabbles in local stage experiments and art making, and sings in a local rock and roll band. An enthusiastic arts advocate, Lynne continues to focus on building a thriving arts community for all ages in Metrowest through her continued volunteer involvement with PAC.

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