Classes at PAC – Spring 2017

Classes start April 3, 2017

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To Register:

Call the PAC office at (508) 875-5554 for more information or to register.  Or click on link below, print out and bring in registration form to first class.

Group Class 2016-17 Registration Form

PAC regrets that there are no refunds for classes.

Registration Fee: Please note that, in addition to tuition, there is an annual registration fee of $25 per student (max. $50 per family) valid from September 1 to August 31. The registration fee is not required for programs costing $100 or less, as long as total tuition paid for the year does not exceed $100.

Scroll through the list of classes, or use the links above to go to a particular set of classes

Dance Classes - (back to top)

Advanced Beginner Ballet and Tap for Children

ballet child


Ages: 3-6
Starts: Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Day/Time Wednesdays 6-6:45 pm
Instructor: Jill Mack
Tuition: $175 for 10 weeks

Private lessons also available. Call 508-875-5554 if interested.

Tap Dance – Adults & Teens Advanced Beginner

Ages:  Adults and Teens (16+)
Day & Time:  Mondays 7:00 pm (60 min)
Session:  Begins April 10, 2017
Instructor:  Colleen Biron
Tuition:  $136 for 8 lessons
Registration Fee may Apply

Tap Recital 6.2013 no. 103






Tap Dance – Adults & Teens Intermediate

Ages: Adults and Teens (16+)
Session: Mondays 6:00 pm (60 min)
Dates:  Begins April 10, 2017
Instructor: Colleen Biron
Tuition: $136 for 8 weeks
Registration Fee May Apply

For seasoned tap dancers looking for a fun way to keep up their skills. Explore new styles, steps and rhythms in this fast-paced class.

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Dance Therapy Classes (back to top)

Dance Therapy Program

dance therapy

Ages:  Pre-school through 18 yr old students
Days and Times:  Private lessons by appt.  

The dance therapy program at PAC, for students with special needs, enhances self-expression, self-image, self-esteem and awareness of others. The program is designed to serve children with sensory-motor and learning challenges. Children will have the opportunity to move and interact in a supportive and fun environment, while working on physical strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and socialization skills through creative movement, dance, song, games and music. Groups are based on age and severity of disability.
For additional information or to schedule a session: Call the PAC office at (508) 875-5554 or e-mail at  

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Music Classes - (back to top)

Beginning Group Guitar Lessons

Ages: Adults and Teens (16+)
Day & Time:  Wednesdays 7:30 pm (45 minutes)
Session: Starts April 5, 2017
Instructor: Dave McLellan
Tuition: $175 (10 classes)
Registration fee may apply

Beginning Group Guitar Lessons

Grades: 2-6
Day & Time:  Wednesdays 4:30 pm (45 minutes)
Session: Starts April 5, 2017
Instructor: Dave McLellan
Tuition: $175 (10 classes)
Registration fee may apply

Classical Vocal Masterclass – Adults & Teens

Opera workshop 2013Ages: Adults and Teens (16+)
Day & Time: Tuesdays 7 – 9 pm
Session: Begins April 25, 2017
Instructor: Eliomar Nascimento
Tuition: $380  for 8 sessions
Cost includes a recital with date TBD.
Registration fee may apply.
A Classical Vocal Masterclass for adults (age 16+) will be taught by PAC voice teacher and Opera performer Eliomar Nascimento. The class will focus on polishing the vocal repertoire studied by participants.  Students are asked to bring three classical art songs and/or Operatic arias to be worked on. This class is open to anyone with classical vocal training.  The class will be limited to 10 singers.

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Theater Classes - (back to top)

Actin’ Up

Acting for Kids Ages: 4-6
Day & Time: Thursdays 3:45 pm (45 min)
Session: Begins March 30, 2017
Instructor: Joey Talbert
Tuition: $175 for 10 classes
Registration Fee may apply
This is the perfect class for up-and-coming actors! Participants will use their voices, bodies, and imaginations to act out a story each week. Theater games and movement will feature prominently. An informal show will be performed for families on the final day of class.

Once Upon A Happily Ever After




Ages: 7-9
Day & Time: Thursdays 4:35 pm (60 min) 
Session:  Begins March 30, 2017
Instructor: Joey Talbert
Tuition: $175 for 10 classes
Registration Fee may apply
Children will use their voices, bodies, and imagination to play theater games and act out stories. There will be a performance for families and friends on the final day of class.

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